cowboys welcome.

You can even worship in your spurs. Let us be your church home on the range.

nurses welcome.

BDUMC is a great place for nurses to find healing for their hearts through worship, fellowship, and service.

worth the scenic drive.

We are located just Northwest of Springfield, but our congregation arrives on Sunday from all over Southwest Missouri. Our members are happy to share why BDUMC is worth a scenic Sunday drive to them.

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Learn about the ways we practice prayer. Leave a prayer request for our pastor and/or community.

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Learn what to expect in worship. Links to location, service types, and sermons.

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Learn our philosophy on engaging the gifts of our members in church life. Make a donation.

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Find information on how we serve together as the church and each other within the church.

Hear from our members

We asked, "Why is BDUMC your church?"

It is so refreshing to find a church that is “real." The members are “real.” The pastor is “real” and the way everyone helps and supports each other in our journey to be better Christians is very “real." I was an “outsider” but never, ever felt like one. After just my first visit I knew that this was the place for me. Good people welcomed me and encouraged me to come back. How can you say no to that??

Leslie Peck, Springfield

The people truly are very loving, caring, giving, and always trying to help and serve not only the members of the church, but other people outside the church as well. Additionally, the people are very open minded. Anyone and everyone no matter their background is welcome at our church. The qualities are very important to me because I believe one of our main purposes as Christians is to help people in need.

Steve Floyd, Ash Grove

Why have I attended BMC for 17 years? I simply cannot imagine myself anywhere else. Whether I'm on the receiving end of Grace or the giving end of Grace, this church embodies the spirit of God.

Anne Keller, Springfield