• 125th Anniversary Celebration

    Our 125th Anniversary Celebration was a complete success. We saw people we hadn’t seen in years, members of the community, and even a District Superintendent. The weekend of the 19th of November ended up being a weekend of great weather, roasted pork, and lots of music as we celebrated together “125 years of looking forward.”

    Saturday’s Pig Roast was be organized by Ryan Zweerink at the barbecue and Donna Davis in the kitchen. There were tons of desserts including gooseberry pie!

    The entire weekend was put together by Gregg Johnson, Betty Squibb, Carmen Deepe, Mary Lea Hicks and others. There were pictures from the past and hope for the future.

    A lot of churches find their pews fairly empty at 125 years, realizing that the world has changed around the church, but the church has not changed their methods of spreading the timeless gospel message. Our church finds herself at the 125th year mark ready to do it all again! Strong, growing, and healthy, we are living with God’s presence in all these moments of our shared lives and looking forward to what God will do with us in the future.

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