• Up with the Windmill

    If you’ve ever walked to your car in the church parking lot after dark on a windy night, you know the windmill in our field needed some work. It had a very distinctive squeal to it and was becoming a bit of an eyesore. The Trustees had investigated reactivating the well and pump under the windmill for the Garden of Feedin’, but it turned out to be impossible. It looked like the end of the windmill until a generous donor stepped forward and decided to help the church make the windmill a focal point for the property instead of the community eyesore.

    So many people came together to make the windmill the beautiful new addition to our property. Dennie Swinney, Trustee Chair, led the charge and made it happen. Monty Russell did the detail painting. Gordon Wilson, the Lay Leaders for Trustees, Danny, a local handyman, Ray Uttinger, Aubrey Owen, and Jerry Mason were onsite when the concrete truck and crane rolled onto the parking lot at the first attempt to install the new windmill. Unfortunately, there were a few issues with the windmill’s restructuring, so they sent the trucks home and went back to work. On Friday, September 23, the Windmill rose and was installed on the church property. It is properly supported, generously greased, and ready to spin.

    The Church is rather like a windmill. It takes a lot of people to share the workload. It’s powered by the winds of the Spirit, it starts out tall and proud, but it can easily become rusty and ineffective if not maintained. It can become just a distinctively squealing voice in a community instead of a place in which the movement of the Spirit transforms and inspires others. Every time I look at that windmill, I am thankful for its transformation because it mirrors our own as a church. It reminds of the moving spirit and our choices as a congregation to be a renewed (but traditional) windmill for this community, to be the United Methodist Church of Bois D’Arc, a place where lives are changed.

    [author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]http://boisdarcumc.org/wp-content/uploads/pastor.png[/author_image] [author_info]Rev. Kim took pictures and walked around to give each of the working guys a hard time on the day the windmill almost went up.[/author_info] [/author]


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