• What’s a Bois D’Arc?

    The Bois D’Arc (pronounced: Bo-Dark) is more commonly known as the Osage Orange or hedge apple. The fruit is shown here. Bois D’Arc trees grow all over Bois D’Arc, and were prized by Native Americans for their usefulness in making bows. They are also extremely valuable trees to textile dyers, because the heartwood of the Bois D’Arc provides a strong shade of orangey yellow that can last for hundreds of years.

    To most of the folks who live in the town of Bois D’Arc, they are the trees that clog their fence rows! To those of us who live outside of the town, Bois D’Arc is the home of our church, and the name brings to mind the rock building filled with friends who have become family through shared love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.