• With Gratitude

    thanksAs I wound down on Sunday evening (I was pretty wound up on Sunday morning!), I found myself filled with gratitude for the big things and small things others had done that made this week go well for our church. So before I launch into another week of work, I want to stop and just say thanks… to these people and to God for these people for the things they did that left me feeling so thankful.

    So thanks to…

    Carol Maples for deciding to make BDUMC her home and for letting me be her pastor. It’s an honor.

    Four of our youth for saying “yes” to another crazy idea.

    Jacob and Dakota Watson for sharing their gifts in worship. You guys ROCK!!

    The Wesleyan Class for making a wonderful breakfast. I’m not sure who made those “funeral potatoes,” but, seriously, you’re making this pregnancy weight gain easy.

    Ty Starr for leading what was described to me as a “great UMW meeting!”

    Kathy Iman for thinking of us and creating an awesome teaching opportunity for the church.

    Kelly Searcy for sage advice.

    James Lee Squibb for working hard in therapy for the past few weeks so that he could come HOME!

    Grant Cameron for doing the heavy lifting (and, as always, for making coffee).

    Owen Nentrup for bringing a friend to worship with him.

    Gregg Johnson for arranging a speaker for our 5th Sunday and writing a brief history of the church for this website.

    Charlie Downs for being Trustee Chair. I had a Trustee tell me this week that they love being a Trustee because it’s so great to work with the Chair. First time I’ve heard that one in ten years of full-time ministry!

    Dan Ellsworth and Norman Swinney for emergency Tums between services.

    Bill Townsend for trying out the website.

    Ginger Ellsworth for keeping me focused all week long.

    There are weeks when I forget to be as grateful as I should be for the great people I get to work with, serve with, worship with at BDUMC. This is not one of those weeks. My heart is full. My cup overfloweth. Thank you!