• The KnitWits

    One Tuesday night, a little group of knitters was meeting in the home of a member when one of them began struggling with her yarn. “I’m just a nitwit,” she said, with frustration.

    “That’s it!” the ladies screamed. “We’re the KnitWits!” We finally had our name.

    The KnitWits started as a short-term class at the church about six years ago. Avid knitters taught the newbies how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off as they finished their first few projects. Then the core group basically refused to stop meeting when the class was over and became a regular Tuesday evening fellowship and service group. The newest KnitWit said, “I’m a new member to this church family. I joined for the fellowship; if you join a church without any other involvement, you do not really get to know each other. This knitting group gives me an evening out and an opportunity to make new friends in the church. It’s also where one can air one’s concerns and get other opinions.”

    The regular members¬†range in age from 20 (some lied) to 103. This is a place where our ladies and men (anytime, guys) can laugh at ourselves. The Lord wants us to have joy in our hearts, and we find that laughter is like medicine to our souls. We’ve even had neighbors call our hosts to ask us to tone it down a little!

    Here’s my story: after retiring, I prayed for something to fill a void in my life. “No, Lord,” I said, “I don’t want to hang out with ‘old ladies.'” What did I know? He knew just the right place for me. Thanks for another answered prayer! An unexpected treasure that has come to us is our mutual support and therapy and the ability to keep those special times in a confidential manner. It is so nice to be able to open up to such a special group of Christian women and to feel the love and support no matter what the issue!

    Hat & Scarf sets for Safe to Sleep, Christmas 2014

    Hat & Scarf sets for Safe to Sleep, Christmas 2014

    But before you think that we’re only helping ourselves, we really do knit up a storm for others. We started out making helmet liners and socks for our troops overseas. Many, many prayer shawls have gone to the sick and bereaved in our church and community. These shawls give great comfort to people going through hard times. We’re currently knitting hats, scarves, mittens, and fingerless gloves for our local school children. Last Christmas we donated 50 matching sets of hats and scarves to “Safe to Sleep,” a women’s homeless shelter in Springfield. One of our members was there for the delivery on Christmas Eve, and she said, “For some, it was the only gift they received.”

    Whether you’re an old hand at the needles or have never picked up a pair, the KnitWits can help you start a fun hobby that will help you serve others while your life is enriched by the company of this joyful group.

    -Wilma McGilvry, KnitWit

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