Our Sanctuary was buiaccessibilitylt in the 1930s, when handicapped accessibility was not a priority. We have wide, slightly uneven steps leading to the sanctuary. In the 1970s, we added an Education building/Fellowship Hall. In the 1990s, these buildings were joined and a lift between the buildings was installed.

The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall are handicapped accessible from the central corridor marked in the photo. There is a concrete path leading from the handicapped spaces shown in the picture. By entering the building through the glass doors, you can either go left via the lift to get to the Sanctuary or go through a wide door to the right to enter the Fellowship Hall.

We know that this can be a little bit too much of a haul for some folks, so we are happy to open the gate at the back of the church property and let you drive your vehicle very close to the glass door located at the back of the corridor when requested.


The basement of the church is not accessible except by narrow staircase, so we primarily use it for storage.