Service Opportunities

serviceAt BDUMC, we talk about service in two seemingly distinct ways. First, service is what we have on Sunday mornings. In fact, we have two services of worship.

Second, service is what we do to take care of others. Sometimes, that is taking care of others within the church, through one of our ministries. It might mean teaching a Sunday School class or giving the Children’s Moment in worship. It might mean serving on a committee as an elected leader or working on a team devoted to a certain project. United Methodist Women provides a lot of service to our members as well.

Service is also what we do outside the church for others through one of our mission projects. You might find yourself volunteering in a food pantry or a shelter with other church members, delivering food to someone who needs it, or bringing in supplies for the local school.

But when you think about it, both kinds of services are related. We don’t worship God passively. We don’t observe worship. We participate in it. And we believe that when we are serving others, we are serving God. We serve God in worship and in the world. So while these two uses of the same word seem unrelated, we consider them intimately connected. Worship is service. Service is worship.

To find out more about how you can serve God and others, follow any of the links above or read about the philosophy we use in sharing our gifts with each other and God.