How we share our gifts.

When we join a United Methodist Church, we make a promise to share our prayer, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness. We believe that sharing all our gifts with God through the church is important. Whether your gift is music, hospitality, leadership, or working with children, we can help you find a satisfying way to share your gift within the life of the church.

Financial giving is an important spiritual discipline. Several of our members have found that giving regularly to the church has helped them reprioritize their finances and led to more satisfaction with their financial position. The church leaders work hard to make sure the gifts entrusted to us by our members and attendees are used with good stewardship as we build God’s Kingdom on earth and in our community.

Make a donation.

We are changing our donation service provider. Please be patient while we make this transfer of service.

For more information on other types of giving, please see our pages on prayer, presence, and service.