Kids & Youth

Children and youth are an important part of life at Bois D’Arc UMC. We encourage church members to worship with their children and provide paid professional childcare services during the first and second services for children under the age of 5.

We have a monthlycross-training-image service, crossTraining, geared toward children that begins November of 2016. The idea is to teach children why we do what we do in worship and to create a space where they feel completely open to express themselves at church. They will wiggle and squirm and squeal, and that will be okay. They will ask questions and sing goofy songs  and mispronounce words in the scripture reading, and that will be okay. crossTraining happens on the first Wednesday of every month. There’s dinner before at 6 PM, and the service runs from 6:30- 7:15 so parents can get kids home and ready for bed. We know that it is sometimes difficult for parents to carve out time for one more event, but we are committed to making it not-to-be-missed event. By participating faithfully in crossTraining, parents will find it easier for their kids to participate and enjoy Sunday morning worship.

Providing a safe sanctuary for families is important to us because we know that children are just as much the present of the church as they are the future of it. Our programs for kids flex to the ages of our kids. Right now, we have lots of toddlers and youth, so our programs focus on those two areas. School-age kids in between aren’t forgotten either. We make sure all kids are welcome, have good adult supervision, and positive experiences at church.