Prayer & Requests

Bois D’Arc UMC is a church that believes in the power of prayer. Here are some of the ways we practice it.

prayerWorship. We begin worship with a prayer of gratitude and praise for the joys, thanksgivings, and answered prayers of the week. Later in the service, we share our prayer concerns and join together in silent and collective prayer before saying the Lord’s Prayer together.

Throughout the Week. We keep in touch with prayer requests through emails. Our Communications Director sends out prayer requests as they come in so that the church family can continue to address new concerns during the week.

Prayer Partners. We sometimes utilize a small group of prayer partners for long-term, private, or complicated situations. For example, a family going through a divorce might have prayer partners for each member of the family. The prayer partners may or may not know for whom they are praying depending on the wishes of the family. We find that this prayer partnering gives families in difficult situations some piece of mind because they know that everyone of them is being lifted up in prayer daily.

Prayer Shawls. Our Knitwits provide prayer shawls to anyone a church member suggests. We either dedicate the shawls in worship or bless them privately for later delivery. These beautiful shawls have provided great comfort for people struggling with illness or grief. You can learn more about the Knitwits here.

Prayer Requests. We take prayer requests in worship, by email ( or through this website. If you would like us to pray for you or for a loved one, please fill out the form below. Your message will be routed directly to our pastor for private prayer. If you have made a request for it to be shared publicly, she will pass it on to our Communications Director for sharing with our prayer list.