From knitters to farmers, risk-taking mission projects are a major focus for the people of BDUMC. We don’t just hand over money; we get our hands dirty in the service of the Lord.

We sometimes laugh that the only requirement for membership at BDUMC is that you must be able to cook, but that’s just a joke. We have plenty of people who know how to cook, and our church dinners and events are legendary. We don’t just take feeding each other seriously, though. We have several mission projects that focus on feeding folks whose bellies aren’t so full. Learn more about how we help feed the community through local food pantries and direct distribution. We also distribute supplies to a local school through our Bois D’Arc Backpack program so that children have food over the weekends and holidays. This year, we are revamping our Garden of Feedin’ to provide fresh food to our neighbors and the local pantries.

Jesus’ answer to the question, Who is my neighbor? challenges us to look beyond ourselves and our own community. Inspired by Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan and the statement of John Wesley (the founder of the Methodist movement) that “the world is our parish,” we also find neighbors on other continents with whom we engage in ministry by the work of our own hands. We are currently seeking a new international mission project.

We’ve also found neighbors to serve in downtown Springfield by volunteering at Safe to Sleep overnight women’s shelter. Our church has provided Christmas presents for the women at Safe to Sleep for the last three years.

Whether we’re digging up rocks in The Garden of Feedin’, bringing in the healthy snacks we provide to fill backpacks, shopping for a local food pantry, working needles to make prayer shawls for friends and family in need, or working cows for children across the world, our focus is on doing mission work that makes a difference in our communities. We are always looking for new ways and new people to serve the Lord together with our own hands.