Garden of Feedin’

garden300200Several years ago, we built a garden at the far end of the church property, and we named it The Garden of Feedin’. It was a half acre garden, planted in rows. We dug rocks. We tilled. We planted. We hauled in water. We weeded. We watered. We fought bugs. We harvested. We invited the neighbors to help themselves. We walked through town with wheelbarrows full of produce to give away. We took produce to the food pantry in Springfield. We ate more tomatoes than we could count. It was overwhelming. We decided to let it lie fallow while we waited to see if we could continue the project on a more manageable scale.

Last year, a new person showed up in our congregation whose husband is a master of raised bed gardening. He scouted our property. We talked to the food pantry. Together, we came up with a plan. And then our Trustees started working on a plan to rebuild the parking lot. Since the beds cannot be installed until we are sure they will be in the right location, we have put this year’s Garden on hold.