Safe to Sleep

Safe to Sleep is an overnight shelter for women in Springfield, MO run through One Door, a part of the ministry of The Kitchen, with the leadership of the Ozarks Council of Churches. The idea is that Springfield needed shelter for many single women that would be completely safe and warm. From a start-up in an apartment, Safe to Sleep moved to house up to 50 women a night at secure locations.

Wherever Safe to Sleep finds its home, it has volunteers from BDUMC. We currently have two very active volunteers, who take turns napping so that someone is awake all night. This way, the women can sleep knowing that they have someone keeping an eye on their safety and security.

Our volunteers find serving at Safe to Sleep exhausting but a blessing unmatched by any other way we spend their time. Katy Haley, a regular Safe to Sleep volunteer recently said, “I don’t how this found me, but it is absolutely worth it. Now Safe to Sleep has my heart, and I see it becoming my passion to help these women.” In her years of service, Katy has been able to see many women move from the shelter to successful life on their own.

For the last three years, BDUMC has provided for their Christmas Eve celebration. Katy finds volunteers to bring food for a Christmas feast, and the Knitwits provide handmade gifts for each woman spending Christmas at the shelter.

This has become such a passion for our members who volunteer. Safe to Sleep is not just what we do once or twice a month overnight… it’s become a part of our lives and our individual and shared journey of discipleship.

If you are interested in volunteering for Safe to Sleep, an application and background check are the first requirements. The application can be found online.