Meet Worship Leaders

We truly believe that our church is not a building, but a body of Christ re-membered when we come together in worship and fellowship. So it only makes sense that our worship would be led by a team of members working together instead of one or two staff members. Our team of worship leaders was carefully selected from within the congregation according to the gifts shown by each team member. Meet our worship leadership team for each service:

Early Service (9 AM)

Steve Floyd

Steve Floyd is our early service liturgist and also the Lay Leader of the congregation. Steve has a whole pew of family (sometimes three!) up front in the early service. Steve reads the scripture for the service, welcomes everyone, and generally runs the first part of the service. Steve is a quiet guy, but occasionally cracks everyone up with a surprising joke. You can read about Steve’s leadership within church administration and his statement on why BDUMC is the church for his family.

Anne Keller

Anne Keller shares her thoughtful musings on God with the children during the early service. Anne does an awesome job of really speaking to the children on their level while hitting home with the adults in the pews. Anne has a gift, and we’re so blessed to have her share it with our kids.

Kay & Bill Townsend

Kay & Bill Townsend

Kay and Bill Townsend are wonderful additions to our early service. Kay plays the piano for both services, and Bill runs the sound system at the early service as well as jumping in to help with video or wherever he is needed. Bill and Kay found our church when their daughter chose it as a wedding venue, and they found themselves so comfortable in the church that they decided to make it their church home. You can learn more about how Bill serves the church through Missions Coordination.


Second Service (11 AM)

Ginger Ellsworth

Ginger Ellsworth has a God-given gift for leading worship and prayer, and we are so blessed that she has responded to the call to share that gift with the congregation. At second service, Ginger runs the first half of the service by leading worship, reading scripture, and directing the liturgy. Dan is a master of the sound board, and he makes sure our sound system is running smoothly during second service. They’re quite a team! You can read Ginger’s statement on why BDUMC is their church.

Jane Hill

Jane Hill is our Choir Director. We don’t have a choir every Sunday, but we do have a choir for holidays and special occasions, and Jane always works diligently with our singers to prepare beautiful pieces. Jane recently retired from teaching music and is the piano teacher of many students in our congregation. Jane has the beautiful alto voice that you can often hear in worship.