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Selected Notes

Jesus Doesn’t Make You Rich Just Because He Likes You

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Van Biema, David and Jeff Chu. “Does God Want You to Be Rich?” Time Magazine. September 10, 2006. It is available online at:,9171,1533448,00.html. This is an excellent overview of the Prosperity Gospel in the US.

Full lyrics available at: “Fal$e Teacher$” is from Shai Linne’s album Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1: Theology, a group of songs that teach Orthodox theology (with a Reformed flavor). The album is available both on iTunes and at for instant download.

Rosin, Hannah. “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” The Atlantic. December 2009. Available at:

There is a compelling argument about how Prosperity Theology visualizes an unfree God from: Cartledge, Tony. “Why Can’t the Prosperity Gospel Work?” Baptist Today News Journal. August 20, 2013. Available at:


Satan is Not Who You Think He is

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